Stainless Steel Carbine Hook

  • Corrosion Resistant 
  • A4 grade stainless steel
  • Highly polished finish
  • Marine Grade
  • AISI 316

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Stainless steel carbine snap hooks are also known as -  karabinas, snap hooks, carabiner clips and carabinas are ideal for a variety of applications such as securing wire and rope to holding your keys. Many different ranges are available on our stainless steel category.

Stainless steel construction with excellent corrosion resistance
• Quick to attach or detach tools
• Perfect for working at height to reduce loss of tools

Available in sizes from 4mm - 12mm in diameter

D Overall Length E M.B.L. (KN) Part Code
4mm 40mm 6.5mm 2.3 SSCH04
5mm 50mm 8mm 3.4 SSCH05
6mm 60mm 9mm 5.1 SSCH06
7mm 70mm 10.5mm 6.3 SSCH07
8mm 80mm 12mm 7.8 SSCH08
10mm 100mm 15mm 11.8 SSCH10
11mm 120mm 18mm 13.9 SSCH11
12mm 140mm 20mm 16.5 SSCH12