Tractel Minifor With Spring Loaded Reeler For Wire Rope

  • Up to 300kg capacity
  • Available as 110v and 230v

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The Tractel Minifor With Spring Loaded Reeler For Wire Rope is essentially a Minifor with a spring loaded reeler which makes a lot more convenient and practical effective solution for managing the slack wire rope. The Minifor can be used to lift or to pull objects over great distances (depending on the wire rope length). They are operated by though a push button control, optionally the Minifor can be equipped with a wire rope reeling device or a wireless remote control. The Minifor has an excellent power to weight ratio with thanks to its aluminium alloy housing. The Minifor has a built-in carrying handle and a swivelling suspension hook to help with quick and easy setup. The Minifor has adjustable upper and lower end stops and a brake incorporated into the motor for safety. The machine conforms to - Machine directive 98/37/EEC European standard EN12100-1 and EN12100-2.

Model Product Code WLL (kg) Reeler Capacity (m) Speed (m/mm) Voltage (v) Hoist Weight (kg)
TR10 42829 100 20 15 230 30
TR30 42929 100 20 5 230 30
TR10 42849 100 27 15 230 30
TR30 42949 300 27 5 230 30
TR10 106299 100 40 15 230 51
TR30 106309 300 40 5 230 51
TR30 108409 300 40 5 110 51