YaleMINI 360 Hand Chain Hoist

  • Mini hand chain hoist with 360-degree rotating hand chain
  • Lift & position from any angle
  • Made from lightweight die-cast aluminium
  • Can be used outdoors in rough environments
  • 360-degree rotating top and bottom load hooks
  • Heavy-duty safety catches

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The YaleMINI 360 Hand Chain Hoist is a spectacular innovation from Columbus McKinnon. Designed as a spin-off from the legendary patented Yalelift 360 Chain Hoist (that was the first chain hoist to allow 360-degree rotation of the hand chain), but with a particular focus on being lightweight and small, so small that it fits in nearly every toolbox, so light that you can rest it in the palm of your hand and so smooth that you won't stop using your new YaleMINI 360 Chain Block! 


Changing The Feel Of Hand Chain Hoists: Precisely machined from die-cast aluminium, the block features large upper and lower hooks fitted with heavy-duty spring-loaded safety catches. Fitted with galvanised load chain and a hand chain with a bright zinc finish combined with the fact that all of the is so compact, all of the internal parts are protected and therefore this hoist is perfect for use outside in tough environments.


Innovation doesn't stop there: The YaleMINI Hand Chain Hoist also features a compliant load pressure brake that enables the load to be held in any position (meaning you can use the hoist horizontally or in any direction- and then thanks to the 360-rotating chain guide, you can operate it from any position). Maximum safety at all times, and Yale means it too! This hoist features forged lifting and load hooks made from age-resistant high-alloy tampered steel, which stretches when overloaded (as opposed to simply snapping like many other hoists do on the market). In addition, both hooks are rotatable 360-degrees. This hoist is definitely very handy indeed.



What We Think Of The YaleMini 360 Hand Chain Hoist:

 The operation of this brand-new chain hoist is really great! We've already had the pleasure of sampling one at LES and we can tell you it's a delight to use. It's like the quality of the Ergo 360 lever hoist (possibly the best lever hoist on the market!) combined with the innovation of the Yalelift 360 and jam-packed into this tiny little super-smooth-running 'toolbox style' Hand Chain Hoist. In this particular category, there is no better hoist on the market. The YaleMini 360 is truly exceptional.

Model Art.-No. Capacity Number of chain falls Chain dimensions
d x p
Lift per 1 m hand chain overhaul Handle pull at WLL HOL Weight
    kg   mm mm daN m kg
YaleMINI 360 250 192084199 250 1 3 x 9 T 40 25 3 2.9
YaleMINI 360 500 192084200 500 1 4 x 12 T 25 24 3 4.3
YaleMINI 360 250 192087582 250 1 3 x 9 T 40 25 6 4.5
YaleMINI 360 500 192087584 500 1 4 x 12 T 25 24 6 6.3
YaleMINI 360 250 192087585 250 1 3 x 9 T 40 25 10 6.7
YaleMINI 360 500 192087586 500 1 4 x 12 T 25 24 10 9.0