Chain & Components

Chain & Components


Slings are most commonly used in the lifting and rigging industry, you would frequently see them lifting and lowering skips onto a skip truck.

LES offers grades ranging from 6, 8, 10, 12, and 80 to suit all of your fundamental lifting requirements. We're able to supply chain slings of up to 4 legs allowing the user to have four different lifting points to adequately stabilise the load when lifting and lowering.

LES will supply all the relevant fitting and components you require for your lift. Stainless steel slings in grade 6 and components are also available upon request for applications where hygiene is a must, this is normally a standard requirement for the food industry or scientific lab use. High tensile steel chain connectors and shorteners are also available which aids in versatility when the length of the chain needs to be alternated.

All of our assemblies conform to EU standards and regulations and come with a certificate of conformity.



Alloy chain slings are usually preferred when conducting a lift in and around harsh environments like high temperatures that other slings like synthetic or wired would not be able to withstand.

Having durability and a high tensile strength prolongs the life of the sling even further. Having many individual links on the chain gives the sling the element of flexibility and easy storage when not in use. This also makes it easier to inspect and the whole chain doesn't have to be replaced if one link is damaged. Chain slings elongate by 15-20% before proceeding to complete failure, this presents as a visual warning to the user that it should not be used and is in need of replacement.

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