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Pair of Mechanical Lifting Jacks With Wheels. Available with steel or polyurethane wheels offering a capacity of 1000kg and a lifting height up to 50mm, light and robust.

Enabling easy lifting of objects from floor level, simply use the handle bar (included) as a pinch bar to wedge the load up to accomodate the jacks, jack the load accordingly and insert corner movers (not included).

What are mechanical jacks?

These nifty and helpful lifting items are, well, as you might have guessed, used for lifting. However, it's important to note that they do not use hydraulics to lift but use mechanics.

There is a variation of what you can choose from, and the most common versions are ratchet jacks and screw jacks. These are often used in emergency services since they are reliable and efficient to use. 

To briefly summarise, ratchet jacks raise a load by using a lever that works against the rachet meaning the load is supported between each lifting stroke.

However, screw jacks are simple and can be operated by a winder that rotates a screw. Whichever jack you end up choosing, it's important that you make sure that you've selected the correct capacity for you to accommodate your needs. The most common reason for using this item is for lifting vehicles during it being repaired.

How to use mechanical jacks safely?

It's definitely an item that can be an important item to have in your toolbox due to being an easy-to-use item for what can be tricky situations. Especially if you own a vehicle or have a company that deals with various vehicles on a daily or weekly basis. 

An overarching consideration for using this piece of equipment safely is that It's important that you know what each type of jack is. This way you will have a much better understanding of how you can use it safely to avoid any unnecessary injuries from occurring to yourself, your team, or any operator.

Here are a few tips we want to share with you and ask that you please remember when using mechanical jacks, especially when using them for repair purposes: 

1.Can break or be damaged

Although this lifting item can be extremely useful for certain situations, especially when lifting heavyweights, but you should never use them for hours on end. This can weaken the jack and make it less efficient and even break. You should only use these jacks when required to do so, they are not to be used on a long-term basis.

2.Extra support is essential

You should always use jack stands to work underneath your vehicle. This is because it can stop serious injury and stop you from being crushed. This is especially important if you work underneath a heavy vehicle.

3.Make sure your vehicle is stationary

You should always make sure your breaks are on when using mechanical jacks. You should also block your wheels with a brick or wedge a sturdy bit of material underneath the wheel to avoid rolling back. Additionally, you should only use the jack if you are away from a slope. If the situation seems too dangerous for you to repair then you should call someone to help you.

4.Avoid using jacks near busy roads

It is not safe to jack your car when you are near traffic since you can easily be in an accident or get hit.Always make sure when you are using this item, or any for that matter, that you are in a safe location and that everything is secure. This is because if anything so much as slips out of place you will get hurt and it is better to be safe than sorry!

Does your company need mechanical jacks?

If we were now to ask you what you knew about mechanical jacks, how comfortable would you feel giving an answer? Ideally, you'll be able to give a great answer with a solid foundation of understanding. Of course, we haven't covered everything to do with this exceptionally useful item and how it can help you, your team, or your current situation. 

If you would like to discuss how you can use this item in your business, for personal use, or for any questions you might have about whether it's the right item, please contact a member of the LES team who will be more than happy to help you.

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